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By Arnold Bansen, DDS
May 27, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Missing teeth don't have to ruin your smile. Dentures can improve your appearance and restore your ability to bite and chew. Arnold denturesBansen, DDS, your Sterling Heights dentist, explains how dentures can help you.

Dentures offer multiple benefits

Dentures not only restore your smile, but also:

  • Improve your confidence level and pride in your appearance
  • Provide support for your facial muscles
  • Reduce stomach upset caused by failure to chew food thoroughly
  • Improve your ability to bite and chew foods
  • Help you speak more clearly

Choose from several types of dentures

Depending on your tooth loss, your Sterling Heights dentist will offer you one or more of these denture options:

  • Partial Dentures: These dentures are a good choice if you've only lost some of your teeth. Partial dentures are removable and are attached to surrounding teeth with hooks.
  • Full Dentures: Full dentures replace the teeth in your upper or lower jaw or both jaws. If you choose immediate dentures, you'll leave your dentist's office with a set of dentures immediately after your remaining teeth are pulled, although your dentures will probably need to be readjusted in a few months. If you opt for conventional dentures, you'll wait six to eight weeks for healing to occur before receiving your new dentures.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: These dentures are attached to titanium posts that are implanted in your jaw. Both permanent and removable implant-supported dentures are available.
  • Overdentures: Overdentures are placed over the remnants of dental implants or broken teeth. If the roots of the broken teeth are still strong, they can help provide a stable foundation for the dentures.

How can I tell if I'm a good candidate for dentures?

Your dentist will evaluate your teeth, mouth, gums and jaw and let you know which types of dentures would be best for your situation. Although there are some cases in which dentures aren't a good choice, most people can successfully wear dentures.

Are you ready to restore your smile with dentures? Call your Sterling Heights dentist, Arnold Bansen, DDS, at (586) 979-1450 to find out which type of dentures are right for you. Transform your smile with dentures!